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Marcella’s work deals with the research and investigation on the classic Indian dance form: Bharata Natyam, both in traditional and contemporary contexts, through teaching and performance. Discovering dance at very young age she has been fortunate to have studied in Italy and India with the great exponents of this dance including Maresa Moglia, Krishaveni Lakshmanan, Stella Uppal, Pushpa Shankar.

She has personally enriched and transformed the practice of this dance at a professional level through the the study of contemporary dance techniques in the United States and the UK; she investigated in particular in post-modern perspectives in dance like Instant Composition and Contact Improvisation, working extensively with contemporary Western music in improvisation settings.

She is one of the first students of the London Contemporary Dance School (UK) to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance with a specialization in South Asian Dance Studies.
She has danced and collaborated creatively with a number of international dance and theater companies including Mangalam (IT), Sankalpam (UK), Muuval (MEX), Compagnia Giardino Chiuso (IT), AresTeatro (IT).

In 2010 she founded Space Sinfisi Danza, continuing to carry on independently a personal, intercultural and interdisciplinary research path focusing on the ‘Practice of dancing’, the language of the dancing body. Juggling between Indian Dance and Improvisation, between technical codification and the practice of being responsive and active at the present time, she is creating her  own contemporary language bringing to life her traditional Indian dance experience.

Marcella actively collaborates with artists, musicians, choreographers, constantly looking for new ways of sharing through art, crossing the boundaries of individual disciplines and opening to the most diverse possibilities of communication and research.

He teaches dance (Bharata Natyam, Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation) in weekly classes and intensive workshops throughout Italy.

Marcella organize the Monthly Jam of Contact Improvisation in the city of Siena.

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