Yoga with marcella

Individual and group classes


Practicing Yoga aims to awaken and harmonize body and mind, investigating self-awareness and knowledge, providing a practical tool to let go of stress and daily tension that oppresses and limits our body and mind.

Marcella’s Yoga classes are fluid and dynamic, starting with bringing attention to the breath, and successively moving through simple movement sequences. Through a focused practice, participants will be guided towards experiencing their body in the present moment and then allowing muscles to stretch and extend by finding a more efficient posture. While letting go of involuntary muscular tension and decompressing our joints, we will help our body rediscover its height in the vertical skeletal projection and freedom in movement. With a fluid body and a focused mind, it will be immediately possible to experience a relaxed state of well-being.

Through meditation and deep relaxation, we can create our personal space of presence and joy in tune with the present moment.

Nuovi corsi in arrivo da Settembre

  • Settembre 2017 yoga presso centro INTEGRA Castellina in chianti (Si)
  • Settembre 2017 bharata natyam e yoga presso sinfonia della danza , Poggibonsi (Si)
  • Ottobre 2017 danza contemporanea e contact improvisation presso scuola Badabam (Siena)

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