contact improvisation

Intensive Lab: presence through touch

Contact Improvisation is a method of improvisation as well as an evolving practice that involves two or more bodies moving and in contact with each other. It is a dance of listening, touching, exchanging and communicating with and through others. At times that dance may be silent and delicate, other times vigorous and athletic. Participants will be guided to refine their skills and potential in listening to what’s happening in their bodies and to awaken their perception of the force of gravity. Playing with the relationship between the weight of a body and the space around it, it will be possible to create a wonderful improvised dance.

In a context of support and sharing, with confidence in giving and receiving the weight of one and other, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this special dialogue between bodies.

instant composition

Intensive lab: bodily creations

We will work seeing the body as a fundamental tool of expression, using various contemporary and postmodern techniques. Basic ideas of investigation will be: listening to one’s own body, observing relationships that are created with others, having collective perspective in composition, exploring ourselves through movement and voice. Instant composition can also be seen as an opportunity to stimulate our own curiosity, guided by unusual exploratory paths, and arriving in sometimes exhilarating way to the creation Improvisation Scores for performance.


— Creative movement lab 

For Dancers, actors, performers
For students
For teachers
For musicians
For anyone who is curious about movement
Open to all levels of experience
Through a series of workshops participants will be guided into an exploratory path of their own expressive potential through movement. Our body as a  primary research tool will bring us curiously and playfully to discover infinite possibilities of interaction with ourselves and with others.
Action vs. Reaction, focusing first of all on listening, being aware and present.
We will discover practices such as contact improvisation, dancing contact with other bodies, experiment and create our own compositional scores, listen to music and the sound of our voices; we will use space as a great canvas to paint our authentic and unrepeatable dances.
In a context of support and sharing, with confidence in giving and receiving, everyone will have the opportunity to participate and create their own dance.

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